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We as a team, promise to serve every need of your business. We transform performances through digitally integrated solutions. Not convinced? Check out our services and you will be.

Digital Marketing

Generate Lead
Increase Website Traffic
Increase Page Followers
Social Media Page Management
Create Social Media Post
Facebook, Instagram, Google, NextDoor, Yelp, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin Marketing

eCommerce – Sell online

Online Store
Facebook Store
Google Merchant Centre
Amazon, Walmart, and other eCommerce support
Shipping partner Integration
Payment Gateway Integration
Shopify and WooCommerce Integration

Website Development

Basic Website for small business
Catalog Website for furniture, electronics, home decor, etc
Booking Website for Salons, Spa, Therapists, and more
Website for Real Estate Agents
Website for Doctors, Clinics, and more.

Mobile Development

Mobile App for eCommerce
Android App
iOS App

Business Automation

Automate manual work.
CRM implementation
HR solutions
Lead management
POS systems
Billing and Inventory management


Marketing Consulting
eCommerce Consulting
Startup Consulting
Software Development Consulting
Project management Consulting


Why Should You Choose Tech Global Services As Your Growth Partner?

We think the key to finding clever solutions is to fully comprehend your problem and adopt a comprehensive viewpoint. We use empathy as a reliable compass when interacting with groups and communities, revealing insights that inspire creativity and then effect. We are able to build solutions that address complicated objectives, promote organizational purpose, and resonate with a wide spectrum of stakeholders by working in our inclusive style.

Delivering Consistent Results Across Platforms For All Clients

An agency that claims it can produce outcomes differs from an agency that has previously delivered consistent results for all of its clients. Have they received any reputable honors from the business is another thing to consider? The judges for these prizes are often well-respected individuals with extensive professional expertise.


While many digital marketing organizations work across a variety of industries, it can be beneficial to choose one with experience in your particular sector. We are that partner who is experienced as well as determined to make your business a success story for the world!


Not all digital marketing firms provide every conceivable service or every service under the sun. But if they do, it’s more often than not a great thing. Working with a digital marketing firm with experience in the area you wish to strengthen is important. However, specialization is a skill set we stand by. Whatever your requirement, we have just the right set of people to deliver a sixer for it!

Realistic Promises

Exercise caution and diligence. Amazing outcomes are possible, but one should always be aware of promises that seem too good to be true. Many times, whilst asking agencies how they intend to carry out their stated results, clients inquire about the methods and technologies the agency plans to utilize to carry out its digital marketing strategy. With 5X technologies, not only are we an open book but also walk you through every single decision-making process and invest your input in every service we provide.

Reliable Data And Effective Reporting

You require a digital marketing company to collaborate closely with you if you want reliable data and efficient reporting. We submit information and report the progress as a hygiene measure so that you can measure the results. We deliver results and adapt to changes should there be any shortcomings. We find out what works well for your brand and see whether you can implement it in other areas of your business.

What Our Clients Say



Nancy Nguyen

Being a non-technical founder, it was overwhelming to understand the different tech stacks. Tech Global services supported me in building the app by selecting the right technology and helping me to make informed decisions.



Running a successful eCommerce site requires an understanding of technology, marketing, and operations. The Tech Global services team got the right talent to scale my business to the next level. We are clocking 1 million in sales with their support.


Dr. Karuna Mishra

Managing patients and appointments has been a challenge. I was overwhelmed with different options. Tech Global Services team provided me the consulting to make decisions on the choice of software to use and ensured that the software service provider delivered the project on time.

VP Business Development

Ann Smith

We were looking for an agency that could increase the traffic to our website and set up an in-house development team. The team supported us in setting up the team and transferring the team to our onsite location. We are really happy with the talent pool and the work delivered by them.

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